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Wilderness Pack Trips

If you like horses, enjoy being with them and like to visit unspoiled, beautiful and remote parts of the world, then you can't find a better adventure than a wilderness pack trip. On a pack trip you are close to your horse 24 hours a day and you and your horse can form a close bond. Of course there are the pack horses too and each one of them can carry 150 lbs. or so of camp equipment, food and luggage; everything you need for a long stay far from any sign of civilization. In many places you can spend a week moving from one campsite to another without seeing other human beings. This is the domain of elk, moose, bear and deer where mankind has not yet taken over.

A wilderness pack trip is a chance to shed all the worries of a hectic urban life and you can immerse yourself in a slower rhythm of life which is more natural and soothing to the human spirit. After a week of this your blood pressure will be lower and you will feel the tranquility of the natural world around you. You can indulge your nomadic instincts and feel the thrill of discovery as you top over the ridge of another mountain chain and descend into the next valley where you will find meadows with fresh green grass for the horses and a stream with unpolluted water. At night you can hear the gurgle of the stream, the soft nicker of the horses, the hoot of an owl and perhaps the mournful howl of wolves or coyotes. The stars gleam brilliantly in the sky and the Milky Way is crystal clear. You will marvel at the strength and willingness of the horses as they climb thousands of feet on steep mountain trails. They are able to live off the country and are sure-footed and reliable. With their help you can become an independent entity carrying everything you need with you.

The largest wild area in the lower 48 states is the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem which makes Wyoming pack trips an excellent choice. Another good choice is horseback riding in Arizona where you can visit the remote area on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Horseback riding in Argentina is another great experience as you can take pack trips into the most remote parts of the Andes.

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