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Horseback Riding Morocco

Horseback riding in Morocco is an excellent way to gain intimate views of this fascinating country

Desert Crossing Safari

Ride deep in Berber territory, just south of the High Atlas Mountains. This land is still much as it was before the Arab invasion. There are high desert plateaus and lush valleys to traverse. The path follows mule trails, which used to be part of traditional caravan routes. One passes old mud-baked citadels, walled villages and fortified towers. This wild, exotic country, where the Sahara meets the mountains, gives the rider a chance to get a close look at an ancient culture seldom visited by tourists.

The scenery is dramatic in this exotic country and has been used as a site for many movies. There are picturesque old fortresses still bearing bullet scars where the natives fought off attacks from marauding tribesmen shooting rifles from the backs of their Barb horses as they galloped past on horseback. The snow capped Atlas Mountains are visible in the distance and in the desert the wind has raised spectacular sand dunes hundreds of feet high. Camels do well in this country and play an important part in the local economy.

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