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Horseback Riding Italy

The Tuscan countryside has a stillness about it because many of the farms and buildings are abandoned as people have migrated to the cities. The fortresses and castles which were so important in medieval times are now partially in ruin. Much of the land is returning to nature, which is all the better for riding and the soft beauty of the landscape is enhanced. For more information see Equitours Worldwide Riding Tours.

The Chianti Rides follow a wide loop through the rolling forested hills, verdant farmland and vineyards, and picturesque villages of the Chianti Classico region north of Siena. Both rides begin and end at the outfitter’s home, a 400-year_old Tuscan farmhouse. Accommodations enroute are in small hotels, comfortable and typical of the area. The Seven Castles of Chianti includes several afternoon sightseeing excursions to points of historical interest. Riders spend more time in the saddle on The Chianti Ride, and will have a few more canters. The guide sets a moderate pace suitable for enjoying the surroundings, but interspersed with trots and canters which enable one to appreciate her well-trained horses.

Situated in a tranquil region southwest of Siena, the circular stone walls of the Castello di Tocchi serve as a hospitable central base for either full or half-day rides into the surrounding countryside. From the lovingly restored suites of this medieval hamlet, which was built on the foundations of a 12th century castle, riders have an opportunity to experience the enduring magic of Tuscany on one of three distinct itineraries. If you prefer full days of riding and an exhilarating pace, then the Saints and Warriors Ride is a good choice. The Feast of the Conqueror's itinerary cleverly combines riding with an investigation of the region’s gastronomic delights. The Medieval Treasures Ride features a varied schedule of riding combined with sightseeing to destinations of cultural and historical interest. Return to the convivial atmosphere of the Castello’s spacious dining room and Tuscan kitchen for a memorable finale to the days’ activities.

For more information see Equitours Worldwide Riding Vacations.



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