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Horseback Riding Lessons 

In the old days most people learned to ride on the family farm when they were young without formal lessons and often with no lessons at all. There were plenty of falls and hard knocks, but people were usually tougher and in better physical shape then and being young helped too. These days often older people leading a comparatively sedentary existence want to learn to ride and sometimes they are overweight as well as out of shape. Most of them also work long hours and have little time to devote to a sport. The right kind of riding lessons can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to learn to ride and make the process vastly safer. Of course the horse must be carefully matched to the rider’s skill.

Usually a student of equestrian arts will progress much farther and faster by taking a week-long course which includes a combination of lessons and relaxed trail riding than they can by taking lessons once a week. Ahorseback riding vacation at a Western dude ranch where lessons from certified riding instructors are offered can be a wonderful way to make progress. One can also take riding lesson programs in many parts of the world in any equestrian discipline including classical dressage.

Horseback riding has been a favorite sport of mankind for millennia and it can be practiced on many levels. Thus it is a sport one can continue through most of one’s life and many octogenarians are still riding. We encourage you to follow some of the above links to explore the joys of riding.

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