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Horseback Riding Greece 

Horseback riding in Greece offers wonderful equestrian adventures at some of the most affordable prices available in Europe. The island of Crete in the southernmost part of Greece probably has the best horse riding opportunities of all. The climate is temperate all year and the scenery is spectacular. There are steep mountain trails, fertile valleys for some brisk gallop

s, wide beaches where you can swim with your horse and fascinating ruins from long before Roman times. The fresh local vegetables and fruits grow all year and traditional local dishes are appetizingly prepared. The wines of Crete make a fine accompaniment to these delicious meals.

Horseback riding in Greece is an ancient art and this is the country that produced the fabulous equine myths of Pegasus and the Centaur. Many of the most ancient ruins of Greek civilization are to be found on Crete which is one of the first places in Europe where a society developed above a subsistence level and arts and crafts began to flourish. You will find that the people on Crete are very friendly to visitors and especially welcoming to those on horseback. For guests who are confident of their horsemanship abilities you have the option of doing an unguided ride where the trails are well marked and the maps are easy to follow. You can also make the tour with experienced guides who are well informed about all aspects of the fascinating area.

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