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Horseback Riding Great Britain

Horseback riding in England is almost a religion

There are some excellent opportunities for horseback riding in England. There are some excellent tours in the wilder parts of the Island and outstanding training programs from top instructors. It is easy to reach these places from London. Horse riding is a very popular sport in the UK and the British take horse riding very seriously. The British Horse Society is a very influential and active organization insisting on high standards which carefully tests and approves riding establishments in the UK and abroad. So far only one dude ranch in the US has their approval for horseback riding vacations.

The Welsh Mountain Trail offers the visitor a rich variety of natural beauty: high mountains with steep, wooded slopes, grassy, rolling hills and fertile valleys. Villages and farmhouses nestle in the folds of this seemingly endless hill country blending harmoniously with the landscape. One has lovely views of the fields and hedgerows of the peaceful countryside laid out below like a patchwork quilt, as you cross the hills. The landscape has great variety, exciting history and lasting charm. Everywhere you will find a warm, friendly welcome as in rural areas in most of the world.

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