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Horseback Riding Costa Rica

Costa Rica stands out in Latin America for its well preserved environment and smoothly running, democratic government. It has no army and nearly a quarter of the country is given over to national parks where flora and fauna are well protected. It has stunning biodiversity from beaches and jungles to active volcanoes. All this plus the fact that it is easy to reach from the United States makes horseback riding in Costa Rica a marvelous choice for an equestrian adventure.

Riders can canter along the beaches, wind through jungle trails on the sides of mountains near active volcanoes and observe unique wildlife and vegetation. There are majestic trees where monkeys scamper, many kinds of orchids, butterflies and hundreds of different, exotic birds from hummingbirds to parrots. The local people are reputed to be some of the happiest in the world and they are certainly friendly to Americans. The country is a delightful oasis in a troubled world. You will return home with lovely memories of your horseback riding vacation in Costa Rica.

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