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Often referred to as the "Jewel of Africa," the fact that the Okavango Delta exists at all is a miracle. This enormous river delta in the heart of one of the world's most extreme deserts is an oasis teeming with an astonishing variety of bird, animal and plant life. On the short charter flight from Maun to the camp, one has a bird's eye view of the delta's river channels, scintillating shallow pans, palm-covered islands, open plains, and dense thickets.

The safari makes use of two main camps, and one or two "fly camps." The main camps are semi_ permanent, with all the amenities and atmosphere of a classic safari experience. Tents are spacious and comfortable, each with an attached shower tent, proper beds, mosquito netting, and kerosene lanterns. The "fly camps" are temporary sites used to take advantage of the best possible wildlife viewing in areas far from the main camps.

The day begins before dawn with a gentle wake-up call and an effort to be in the saddle before the sun breaks over the horizon. Each day's route is different, marked by the delta's ever-changing panorama of sights and sounds. There may be an hour spent trailing a rare pack of wild dogs, or a carefree gallop through the ankle-deep waters of a pan, or a cautious approach to a herd of buffalo. Above all, come to the Okavango Delta prepared to be completely captivated by this untrammeled corner of Africa.

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